Standard Licence Course

It is not necessary to hold a Foundation Licence before embarking on the Standard Licence course, although if a foundation license is not held it is necessary to complete a practical assessment before the standard license can be issued.

Ham College is running a standard course in 2024. The course will start on the 19th March. The course runs from 7 to 10pm every Tuesday evening for approximately 22 weeks. Classes are held at the Walliston Scout Hall.

The course includes both the Theory and Regulations components, which are run as separate subjects. The course does not include the practical test.

Costs are $60.00 for the Regulations course and $150.00 for the Theory course. If combined, the total cost is $190.00. An electronic (PDF) copy of the manual is included in these costs. Contact Ham College to register your interest for Standard Licence Course.

If you are unable to make it to the course or prefer to study at your own pace, there are various texts available to assist in gaining a Standard Licence. They are available from the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Bookshop or most libraries.

The Ham College manuals are also available for purchase by individuals independently of the course. The cost is $40 for a download copy.  These include both the regulations and theory information. We no longer print hard copies – online retailers (e.g. Officeworks) will print, bind and deliver a hard copy cheaper than we can do it.

A practical assessment is required if a foundation licence is not held by the candidate.

Standard Licence Resources