Advanced Licence Course

Although it is not necessary to hold any other licence to qualify for the Standard or Advanced Licence, this course does not include instruction on the material for the Practical assessment.

The Ham College course will run concurrently with the regulations and standard course. This course is conducted Tuesday nights from 7.00pm to 10.00pm commencing 5th March and concluding in November and are held at the Lynwood Scout Hall. [Map]. The regulations section is run in the first hour for the first ten weeks.

The course covers all the theory required for the Advanced Licence (including regulations) and the costs are $60 for the regulations and $150 for the theory. or if both are attended a total of $190.00. The downloadable manual is included in the cost of the course and hard, covered copies are available for an additional $50.
If you wish to study in your own time Ham College Manuals are available at a cost of $50 plus postage.

Contact Ham College to register your interest for Advanced Licence Course or to purchase a manual.

Advanced Licence Resources