Exam Information

This page presents an overview of the Exam & Assessment Process and should be read in conjunction with the Licensing Information.

To be assessed for any grade of qualification, personal photographic identification (or 100 points) is required prior to the examination paper being issued. In the case of a candidate under the age of 18 who doesn’t have any personal photographic identification, their identity may be attested to by a parent or guardian who has identified themselves to the level above to the Assessor.

It is important to note that all candidates for any exam must have registered with Ham College Course Co-ordinator at least fourteen days prior to the examination.

A certificate of proficiency will be issued by the ACMA when all sections of the assessments, required for the license grade, are satisfactorily completed.

Foundation Theory Exam: 25 multiple choice questions. 30 minutes to complete.

Standard Theory Exam: 50 multiple choice questions. 60 minutes to complete.

Advanced Theory Exam: 50 multiple choice questions. 90 minutes to complete.

Standard/Advanced Regulations Exam: 30 multiple choice questions. 30 minutes to complete

The pass mark for any of the written examinations is 70%.

Practical Assessment: The practical assessment must be completed with the first licence attained. It consists of several oral questions and demonstrations.

Once any of the subjects are assessed as ‘competent’ the pass remains valid indefinitely.

The ACMA will invoice each applicant for the recognition certificate fee and for a callsign application fee.

See licencing information.