Licencing Information

The amateur licence is issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), however various administrative duties including issuing exams and callsigns has been contracted to the Australian Maritime College (AMC) by the ACMA.

A licence costs $80 for an initial licence and $55 per year for renewals. This is invoiced directly by the ACMA on receipt of the Certificate of Proficiency and a call sign recommendation form from the AMC. (see exam information) The cost of taking the exam and applying for a callsign in addition to the licence, and is separately handled by the AMC.

An applicant may request a callsign of his/her choosing provided it fits with the applicable template and is available. 

The application fees for call sign recommendations are:

Next available call sign $25. 

Selected two, three of four letter call sign, except two letter callsigns in Vic, NSW or QLD $35. 

Two letter call sign in Vic, NSW or QLD $60.

Special event or repeater/beacon callsigns $30

The call sign and licence applications can be sent with the successfully completed exam papers.  Payments for exam and call sign can be sent in one payment. (see exam information)
Payment for the licence will be invoiced by the ACMA.

To check the availability of a call sign use the AMC site or the ACMA’s search page.