Information Beacon

VK6RIB is currently off air.

The Ham College Information Beacon, VK6RIB, is transmitting again from the new frequency of 145.250MHz.

VK6RIB is, as far as we know, the first and only Information Beacon transmitting on amateur frequencies in Australia. The beacon transmits information for the benefit of local hams, shortwave listeners and visitors to the state. The WIA News, NewsWest, RAOTC news are all featured, as is information about local amateur radio clubs, Ham College courses and exam dates, how to get involved in amateur radio and any other relevant information.

Clubs can have their contact information and any news or upcoming meetings or events hosted on the beacon by sending an audio file (preferably in MP3 format) to the content manager, Chris (VK6CF), who can be contacted via Contact us page.

Ham College is always interested in signal reports from listeners to gauge propagation – please send any reports to the content manager on the above email address. Please include the time, location and any comments.

Many thanks go to Steve (VK6SJ) and Chris (VK6CF) for their efforts in bringing this project back on-line.